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Yoga Class at a Gym

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Yoga has become a new part of my life. I try to go at least once a week. I’d loooove to go more often but with working full-time and going to school full-time, I just can’t make it.

However, I went to a class last night: Hot Power Yoga at a new studio that a previous teacher of mine opened. The room gets heated to about 95-100 degrees and the class lasts about 75 minutes. It’s an intermediate class so its meant for mixed levels, but there was only another student and I in the class.

And what are the odds, the other student has rheumatoid arthritis? I had told her at the beginning of the class that I have RA and she seemed relieved and thanked me for sharing that because she also has RA. She is new to yoga so I shared my experiences with her and she seemed to be excited for what lies ahead.

This yoga teacher always says “If you can’t make it there, fake it there.” I love it because it just goes to show in yoga or in life you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. You do what you can do with the body you are given, some days are better (or even some hours in my case) but if you are doing the best you can, you aren’t cheating yourself.

The teacher also says that you should not worry about anything going on off of your mat. Don’t look at your neighbor or what anyone else is doing, this is your practice. I love this advice because it also reigns true in life, just because you aren’t doing what someone else is doing (for whatever reason) doesn’t mean you aren’t doing the best you can for yourself and body.

My body is feeling pretty well today but I know the great feeling I have after a yoga class will fade. I’m not discouraged, just hopeful that the more I try and more I do, the better outcome I will have.

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