Summer Classes

Posted on: May 19, 2011

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So this happens to be my only week of summer. I finished up the spring semester last week and start my summer classes on Monday. I do enjoy summer classes because they are condensed and seem to go by super fast, but this summer I am taking a full-time class load and will be in class Monday thru Thursday from 6p-9p. After working all day of course. A part of me wishes I didn’t go back for my Master’s Degree, however I hope that I am able to use it and it is worthwhile.

My fiance and mom are worried about me doing this all Summer because the classes do go from mid-May to mid-August. Well, it does mean that I will be done in the Spring of next year. I am worried my body won’t make it but then I think of all the good things to come *hopefully* and how other people are able to do it with much more on their plate.

Anyways, today I am feeling pretty good. I have a headache from my neck, but I scheduled an appointment with my rhuematologist for the beginning of June. I plan to speak with her more about future plans regarding my health. Still sticking to the gluten-free, dairy-free diet!

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